An all night party and the gift is Miss Mio Yuasa sucking each guest off - JapanHDV - 479

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Pornstars: Mio Yuasa
Categories: Party

Open yourself up to a world of pleasure with this amazing video.

Mio Yuasa is the gift that keeps on giving. Parties can sometimes last all night, and all the guests are drinking and enjoying their time together all busy in conversation and games. One by one the guest pass out from all the imbibing and all the fun they have been having into the early hours of the morning. But in this party, the one here with the messy room with bottles strewn everywhere showing how hard everyone partied from the night before, is a little gift for the party goers. One by one they awake to find that there is a hot young lady in black bra and panties walking around the mess they've made. They do not know who she is and why she is there but the ones that are cognizant enough to recognize the gift they are being given slowly awaken to the fact that this hot sexy lady is there as a gift for them for having made it through to the next morning of the party. Miss Mio Yuasa is happy to greet the awakening warriors from their drunken stupor and help them greet the new day with a gift of a hot young lady to sit on their laps and awaken their still sleeping cocks. Mio saunters over to one of the guests and sits on him and allows him to grab at her tits and massage her ass as he pulls her down so he can slide a tongue down her throat. She then moves on to the next one who has awoken and sits on him facing away as he wraps his hands around her and grabs at her tits and pulls down her bra so he can grab those lovely juicy tits of hers. Now the other guest are awake and are seeing this scene take place and want in! Go watch and see what Mio does with the three guests that made it to the other side of the party and are there for their parting gift.

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