Rebel Lynn in Anal Envy: My Parents Won't Find Out, Scene #01 - 374

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Pornstars: Rebel Lynn
Categories: Teens

Open yourself up to a world of pleasure with this amazing video.

Rebel Lynn knocks on the door of a house, a mischievous grin on her face. When Ryan Mclane answers the door, he's surprised to see her. Ryan is the best friend of one of Rebel's parents and is unsure why Rebel has shown up at his house out of the blue. She plays coy and asks to be invited in, acting ambiguously flirty to him. Ryan leads Rebel into the living room. She continues acting flirty as she tells him she came to him because she's gathered from stories he's told in the past that he's a bit of a womanizer and she imagines he's had lots of wild sex before. He laughs evasively but doesn't deny it. She tells him she wants to have anal sex with her boyfriend to surprise him, but doesn't want to go into it inexperienced. She bats her eyelashes and asks for advice. Ryan is a little hesitant at first, but she eventually convinces him and he agrees. Rebel plays coy as she asks a couple of questions and listens to his advice, but soon she flirtily paws at him and says maybe it would be easier if he just showed her...? He laughs awkwardly, not sure if she's joking or not but she makes it clear that she's serious. Ryan obviously wants to fuck Rebel but hesitates. He gets a bit boastful saying that he tends to go quite hard in the bedroom, is she sure she can handle it? Rebel says that's exactly the way she likes it, so bring it on!! Rebel kisses him passionately, taking his cock out of his pants and giving him a rough blowjob. As Ryan fucks her throat, Rebel moans gratefully. Excited by having unexpectedly met his match in Rebel, Ryan pulls her off his dick and tucks it back in his pants for the moment. He is hungry for her body and stands her up, and the two make out with hard open-mouthed kissing and lots of over-the-clothes groping. Ryan begins pulling at Rebel's clothes, eager to see and sample her body. He undresses her hungrily and lays her on her back on the couch to finger and eat her pussy. Ryan then maneuvers Rebel into position and slides his cock into her pussy, fucking her piledriver-style from above. Eventually, Ryan lays Rebel down on her back on the couch and keeps fucking her pussy. Soon, Ryan asks Rebel if she's ready to be fucked in the ass. Rebel breathlessly says she is, and Ryan slides his cock into her tight asshole. Rebel gasps, amazed by how good it feels. They have anal sex, with Ryan continuing to be dominant as he lays her on her side to plow her from behind. Ryan then bends her over, fucking her ass doggystyle. Ryan can't get enough of Rebel's ass, and lies her back down on her side on the couch, continuing to pound her little hole. As they begin to reach climax, Rebel tells Ryan she wants to feel his load in her and begs him to cum inside of her ass. Just the words are enough to set him off. He gives her an anal creampie and pulls out as the cum drips from her asshole. Rebel may be inexperienced, but she's clearly a NATURAL...

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