Mayumi Sakanishi gets her sons teacher alone in her home today to fuck - JapanHDV - 480

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Pornstars: Aimi Sakamoto
Categories: Toys

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What is sexier than a hot Japanese housewife at home doing her chores making sure her apartment is clean and tidy for her busy hardworking husband? What would be more sexy than to watch her when she didn't know we could see her as she went about her day all alone with her lonely self and her thoughts. Now as it happens many Japanese housewives are often left alone at home all day while their husbands are out working till late every night trying to show the boss they are committed to the company and putting in the hours to advance and be promoted. The problem is the wife is neglected. And she feels lonely and she feels sexually frustrated as her husband comes home too late at night to make love to her sweet pussy. These lovely and lonely Japanese ladies often resort to self help while they are at home. This self help includes fingering, sex toys, manual manipulation of their clits and wet pussies. This is what we are going to witness with Miss Mayumi Sakanishi today as she goes about her day and gets the urge to get her pussy played with. She takes one hand under her shirt to grab her own boobs and feel her pussy as well. She is so horny she just wants to rub one out. Watch the full video, you will see what a lovely pussy she has. She has a full bush and a great big set of lovely boobs to suck on. While pleasuring herself she hears a knock at the door. Who could be interrupting her afternoon of pussy play? It is her son's teacher and he wants to have a chat about her son's grades. But Mayumi Sakanishi thought ahead and told her son to go visit a friend for the afternoon knowing that her teacher would be there alone with her. Mayumi wants him all alone for herself. Go see what she does with him while he is there, you are going to love seeing her suck him off and fuck him hard. Maybe it will improve juniors grades.

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